• Using Pressure Injection Technology
  • Using Pressure Injection Technology
  • Direct pressure injection system
  • Variable rate response apply liquid through the manifold
  • No freezing lines…with terminal injection orifices
  • Improved accuracy in cold weather
  • Requires about 5 gallons of hydraulic flow nominal
  • A major breakthrough in the application of NH3 and with the assurance of long-term use
  • Precision accuracy, safety, economic crop response and significant environmental improvements in the use of NH3
  • Reduce NH3 usage to add to your bottom line
  • Add sectional to any high-pressure system to reduce over spray and ensure even distribution of your fertilizer

Rate controller compatibility with John Deere GS2 GS3, Topcon X30, Case IH, and Raven Precision Controllers

  • Designed for VR (variable rate application) apply NH3 as liquid through the manifolds in uniform bands 1% CV
  • No freezing boots or lines with TIO’s (temlinal injection orifices)
  • Improved accuracy at faster application speeds in cold weather
  • Using components & Pressure Injection technology with pressures just above tank pressure
  • TheN-Shooter is compatible to most field monitor / controllers (John Deere GS2 & GS3, Raven Precision Controllers, Topcon X20 & X30, Case IH Field Pro 600 & 700, Field IQ, Dickey-john IntelliAg and others)
  • Requires about 3-5 gallons of hydraulic flow nominal for most applicators
  • Sponsler SS flow meters with 1% CV between 2 to 18 gpm is more reliable since they are designed for pump pressure applications and can regulate at 20 pounds N per acre on 60 feet at 5 mph about 2.5 gallons per minute NH3 to 18 gallons per minute in 3 seconds. Excellent for VR site specific application
  • Corken 2″ PD pump which has years of reliable experience in industrial applications ie: NH3 & Propane plants and delivery trucks
  • Max application rate based on adequate Anhydrous Ammonia flow to the 2″ Corken pump ie: 60ft of Applicator 5 mph, 1251bs actual lbs N per acre (18gpm NH3) and apply as low as 201bs/acre (2.87GPM NH3), Where higher application rates are required upgrades can be made to the base model


  • 2″ Corken pump and modulation valve hydraulic driven clw mounting base
  • Sponsler 3/4″ industrial flow meter with 1% CV between 2 to 18 gpm
  • Eaton hydraulic components
  • Strainer 40 mesh 1/2 gallon reservoir


  • Manifolds clw shut off valves
  • TlO orifices and manifold orifice adaptors
  • 1/8npt for 3/16 hose barb & collars
  • 3/16 od x .137 id black line loom
  • conductors in 15-foot lengths with corrugated protection covers
  • 15ft 1/2″ Red Hose to feed manifolds
  • Additional manifold lines, adaptors & TIO’s
  • Sectional controller valves 1/2″ 12VDC .8 sec cycle time (requirement for variable rate response time)
  • Manual sectional control .8 sec cycle time
  • GPS Sectional control .8 sec cycle time