Our Services

We are proud to offer the following services

  • Vacuum Service on Cryogenic Nitrogen and Oxygen Transports
  • Mandatory Five Year (M5) Transport Canada Inspection┬áCertification & Repair on DG Transport Vessels
    (LPG, NH3, CO2, N2/O2 & Petroleum Tankers, MC 330/331, MC 307/407 SS Insulated, MC 306/406, MC 338/341 Cryogenic Tankers)
  • Mandatory Annual (M1) Visual Walk-around Inspections & Leak Tests on DG Transport Vessels
    (MC 330/331, MC 388/341, MC 306/307/407)
  • Plumbing and retrofitting
    (Complete Rehabilitation of Transport trailers)
  • Commercial Vehicle Trailer Inspection Station
  • Trailer Maintenance
    (Brakes, Suspensions, Lights, Fifth Wheels, Etc.)
  • On site Internal / External Storage Vessel Inspections and Repairs
  • Pump repair
    (Blackmer, Corken, ACD Cryo Pumps)
  • Hose Testing (LPG, NH3 & Nitrogen)