Collection: Actuators

Tru-Kare offers a comprehensive range of actuators designed to provide precise and reliable control of valves and other mechanical components in agricultural and industrial applications.

Their actuator selection includes pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, and electric actuators, suitable for various valve types and sizes. These actuators are engineered to deliver fast, accurate, and repeatable positioning, ensuring efficient operation and optimal system performance.

Tru-Kare's pneumatic actuators are available in different configurations, such as double-acting and spring-return, to meet specific application requirements. Their hydraulic actuators offer high torque output and rugged construction for demanding environments. Tru-Kare's electric actuators provide precise control and easy integration with electronic control systems, featuring compact designs and various voltage and communication options.

They also offer actuator accessories, such as mounting brackets, position indicators, and manual override systems, for enhanced functionality and safety.

Whether you need actuators for irrigation valves, industrial process control, or mobile equipment, Tru-Kare has the right solution for your needs.