Collection: Flow Meters and Controllers

Tru-Kare offers a comprehensive range of flow meters designed to provide accurate and reliable measurement of fluid flow in agricultural and industrial applications.

Their flow meter selection includes mechanical flow meters, electronic flow meters, and specialized models for specific fluids and operating conditions. These flow meters are engineered to deliver precise readings, enable efficient monitoring, and support automated control systems.

Tru-Kare's mechanical flow meters, such as turbine and paddle wheel types, offer cost-effective and robust solutions for various flow ranges and fluid types. Their electronic flow meters, including electromagnetic and ultrasonic models, provide advanced features, such as digital outputs, data logging, and remote communication capabilities. Tru-Kare also offers specialized flow meters, such as NH3 flow meters and stainless steel models, designed for demanding applications involving corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures, or stringent sanitary requirements.

They provide flow meter accessories, such as display units, transmitters, and calibration tools, to enhance functionality and ensure accurate measurements.

Whether you need flow meters for irrigation systems, chemical injection, process control, or custody transfer, Tru-Kare has the right solution for your needs.