Collection: Hoses and Tubing

Tru-Kare is your trusted source for high-quality hoses and tubing designed to provide reliable and efficient fluid transfer in agricultural and industrial applications. Their product selection includes hydraulic hoses, hose assemblies, nylon tubing, rubber tubing, hose guards, and hose crimping tools.

These hoses and tubing are engineered to withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures, and exposure to various chemicals and fluids. Tru-Kare offers hoses and tubing in various sizes, materials, and constructions to meet specific application requirements, such as flow rates, pressure ratings, and chemical compatibility. Their hydraulic hoses are available with different reinforcement layers, such as wire braid and spiral wire, to ensure superior strength and durability.

Tru-Kare also provides a range of hose accessories, including fittings, adapters, and protective sleeves, for easy installation and extended service life. Their hose crimping tools and machines enable you to create custom hose assemblies and perform field repairs quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need hoses and tubing for hydraulic systems, liquid transfer, or pneumatic applications, Tru-Kare has the right solution for your needs.