Collection: Kits and Assemblies

Tru-Kare offers a wide selection of kits and assemblies designed to provide complete and convenient solutions for various agricultural and industrial applications. Their product lineup includes sprayer pump kits, injection pump packages, hydraulic valve assemblies, sensor kits, and repair and maintenance kits.

These kits and assemblies are engineered to simplify installation, ensure compatibility, and optimize performance by combining carefully selected components from Tru-Kare's extensive product range.

Their sprayer pump kits include pumps, valves, fittings, and accessories, pre-assembled and ready for installation on your sprayer or liquid application equipment. Tru-Kare's injection pump packages provide complete systems for precise chemical metering and injection, including pumps, valves, flow meters, and control electronics.

Their hydraulic valve assemblies offer pre-configured solutions for directional control, pressure regulation, and flow management in hydraulic systems. Tru-Kare also provides sensor kits and instrumentation bundles, combining various sensors, transmitters, and accessories for comprehensive monitoring and control of your equipment. Their repair and maintenance kits include all the necessary components, such as seals, O-rings, and wear parts, to keep your equipment running smoothly and minimize downtime.

Whether you need kits and assemblies for agricultural sprayers, industrial machinery, or mobile equipment, Tru-Kare has the right solution for your needs.