CVIP - Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program


Welcome to Tru-Kare, where we take pride in keeping your wheels rolling smoothly! At Tru-Kare, we specialize in top-notch Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) services. Our mission is simple: ensuring your trucks are road-ready and safe for the long haul.

Tru-Kare stands out for its commitment to high-quality CVIP checks that go beyond the basics. We understand the grind of the blue-collar world, and we're here to make sure your wheels are up to the challenge. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to giving your rig the thorough once-over it deserves, catching any issues before they become roadblocks.



The mechanical fitness and reliability of your equipment is of the utmost importance, not only does proper maintenance prevent costly down time, it’s also required by law. Tru-Kare is a Transport Canada certified maintenance and inspection facility capable of performing all sorts of repairs as well as Commercial Vehicle Inspections. With our new online portal for major customers all your inspection records are at the click of a button, and for everyone else who is not signed up for our customer portal, we have multiple staff members who are dedicated to the proper record keeping and updating of customer inspection reports.