Our Abilities



Tru-kare Tank & Meter Ltd. is an Alberta-based company specializing in pressure vessel services. With over two decades of experience, they offer a range of services including propane and cryogenic fuel handling, paint booth operations, and agricultural services like NH3 pressure vessel maintenance. Their facility consists of 15 bays covering 22,000 sqft and a 2,200 sqft parts department. They hold certifications from ABSA and Transport Canada, enabling them to handle a variety of pressure equipment needs.

Hydrostatic Testing


As a company dedicated to ensuring the integrity of your equipment, we specialize in top-notch hydrostatic testing services. Our seasoned team of experts takes pride in delivering high-quality assessments for a wide range of industrial applications.

At Tru-Kare, we understand the value of your equipment's reliability. Our hydrostatic testing procedures are meticulous, designed to identify potential weaknesses and ensure your gear can withstand the pressures of demanding environments. We cater to a serious blue-collar audience, offering straightforward solutions with a commitment to excellence.

With Tru-Kare, you can trust that your equipment is in capable hands. Our no-nonsense approach, combined with years of experience, makes us the go-to choice for those who prioritize safety and durability. Explore our services and let Tru-Kare be your partner in maintaining equipment integrity for the long haul.



At Tru-Kare, expertise meets integrity in the realm of high-quality design, inspections, modifications, and repairs for a diverse range of pressurized transport tankers. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring the optimal performance and safety of your equipment, catering to the needs of hardworking individuals in the blue-collar sector.

At Tru-Kare, we take pride in our commitment to precision and reliability. Our comprehensive services encompass meticulous inspections, pinpointing potential issues before they escalate. Whether it's modifications tailored to enhance efficiency or prompt repairs to keep your operations running smoothly, Tru-Kare stands as your trusted partner in maintaining the integrity of pressurized transport tankers.

We understand the importance of getting the job done right. Tru-Kare doesn't just deliver services; we deliver peace of mind. With a focus on durability and safety, our team ensures that your equipment is not only compliant but excels in performance. Trust Tru-Kare for top-notch solutions in the world of pressurized transport tanker maintenance.