Raven Guidance and Steering Systems

Raven Industries offers a comprehensive range of guidance and steering systems designed to enhance precision agriculture. These systems are engineered to improve efficiency, reduce crop damage, and maximize productivity. Below is an overview of the key products and their features:

RS1™ Guidance and Steering System

photo of Raven RS1 system
  • Description: A high-powered guidance and connectivity system that combines three functionalities into one intuitive unit.
  • Features:
    • Simple setup with integrated help guides.
    • Enhanced by Slingshot for remote support, file transfer, OTA software updates, and fleet management.
    • Compatible with various field computers like Viper 4/Viper 4+, CR7, and CR12.

SC1™ Steering Controller

  • Description: Provides hands-free machine steering when paired with a Raven field computer and GPS solution.
  • Features:
    • Simple setup with integrated help guides.
    • Compatible with Viper 4/Viper 4+, CR7, and CR12 field computers.
    • Ideal for electric or hydraulic guidance.

VSN® Visual Guidance

photo of Raven VSN
  • Description: A non-contact camera-based unit that transforms machine guidance through emerged to full canopy crops.
  • Features:
    • Operates at high speeds up to 32 km/h (20 mph).
    • Maintains sub-inch (less than 2.54 cm) accuracy through varying crop conditions.
    • Minimizes crop damage and maximizes yield profitability.

SmarTrax™ MD Auto Steer

  • Description: A mechanical drive steering system designed for easy installation and high performance.
  • Features:
    • Added torque for faster operating speeds and better line acquisition.
    • Simple to install and move between machines.
    • 3D terrain compensation and quiet operation.

GNSS Receivers and Corrections


photo of Raven 700S
  • Description: High-performance GNSS receivers providing accurate GPS and satellite positioning.
  • Features:
    • Options range from sub-meter (less than 1 meter) to sub-inch (less than 2.54 cm) accuracy.
    • Ideal for precision farming, GIS, and other applications requiring rugged, simple-to-operate receivers.
    • Supports WAAS, EGNOS, GLONASS, and satellite GS-based DGPS corrections.

Implement Steering

  • Description: Ensures your implement follows a set guidance line, making workflow more reliable and preventing crop damage.
  • Features:
    • Aligns tractor and implement on the same guidance line.
    • Increases productivity with sub-centimeter (less than 1 cm) accuracy.
    • Reduces crop damage and integrates easily with all implements.
    • ISOBUS capable and compatible with third-party connections.

Key Benefits

  • Precision: Sub-inch (less than 2.54 cm) accuracy ensures optimal planting, seeding, and spraying.
  • Efficiency: Reduces operator fatigue and increases field coverage.
  • Flexibility: Compatible with various machines and field computers.
  • Support: Enhanced by Slingshot for remote support and updates.

Raven's guidance and steering systems are designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern farming, providing reliable, high-precision solutions that enhance productivity and reduce operational costs. Whether you need a simple GPS receiver or an advanced auto-steer system, Raven has the right product to keep you on track.

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