Repair Work



Welcome to Tru-Kare, where excellence meets elbow grease! We're your go-to crew for top-notch heavy-duty truck and equipment repairs that don't mess around. At Tru-Kare, we understand the language of hardworking folks because, well, we speak it too. Whether it's a growling engine, a cranky transmission, or a stubborn hydraulic system, we've got the grit and know-how to get your heavy-duty wheels back on the road, doing what they do best.



Our team at Tru-Kare prides itself on turning wrenches with precision and passion. We're not just fixing trucks; we're reviving lifelines, keeping businesses rolling, and ensuring that your equipment is ready for the toughest jobs. With skilled hands and a commitment to quality, we tackle every repair with the same dedication that you bring to your work. When you choose Tru-Kare, you're choosing a crew that speaks your language, values your hard-earned dollars, and works tirelessly to keep your heavy-duty gear running smoothly. Because at Tru-Kare, we're not just repairing trucks; we're keeping your world in motion.