Upgrading Farm Equipment: The Outback Autosteer eDrive system with a 7" MaveriX screen on a MacDon 35' Swather

We recently installed a cutting-edge state-of-the-art Outback eDrive GPS Autosteer system on a MacDon 35' swather.

This upgrade brings new technology to an already impressive piece of farm equipment.

Large combine harvester with a wide header attachment parked on a grassy area, tall trees and a clear blue sky in the background.

Installation Highlights

  • Outback eDrive full GPS Autosteer system
  • 7" MaveriX screen for intuitive control
  • Seamless integration with MacDon 35' swather
  • Cutting-edge precision farming technology
Self-propelled swather with red cab and black chassis, featuring a wide cutting attachment, parked on grassy field with trees and clear sky in the background.

The New Tech: Outback Autosteer with MaveriX GPS System

Interior of a combine harvester showing an Outback MaveriX digital console, with additional controls and indicators

The autosteer system we installed includes a 7-inch MaveriX touchscreen that fits neatly into the swather's cab. This screen is the control center for the GPS Auto Steer feature. Here's what it does:

  • Precise Steering: The system uses GPS to guide the swather, keeping it on a straight path without the driver constantly steering.
  • Easy to Use: The touchscreen is user-friendly, like a tablet. Drivers can customize the display to show the information they need most.
  • Better Efficiency: With auto-steering, the swather can cut crops more accurately. This means less wasted fuel and time.

Why This Upgrade Matters

Adding the autosteer system to the MacDon swather brings several benefits:

  • Less Driver Fatigue: The auto-steer feature means the driver doesn't have to constantly focus on steering, especially during long work days.
  • More Accurate Cutting: The GPS guidance helps ensure every pass through the field is precise, reducing missed spots or overlap.
  • Data Collection: The system can track and record information about the field and the swather's performance, which helps in planning future work.

See the Autosteer MaveriX System in Action

This upgrade is a great example of how modern technology is making farming more efficient and precise. For farmers, this means better crop yields, less wasted resources, and potentially more profit from their hard work.

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