Tank Inspections

Tru-Kare Tank & Meter Service Ltd. has been an industry leader in tank inspection and refurbishment for over 25 years, which is proven longevity. Guaranteeing that any work performed by us, can be maintained by us.

Not only have come up with the most effective methods or ensuring functionality of your equipment, but we stand behind what we build. Working to ensure that any issues that may arise, throughout the life cycle of your equipment, are promptly and professionally taken care of.

We at Tru-Kare pride ourselves on delivering you, the customer, the highest possible level of satisfaction.


Annual Inspections on Propane, NH3, LNG, N2, CO2, Fuel and other pressure rated vessels which fall under Transport Canada regulations:

  • Insuring conformity to current government codes.
  • Preventing costly down time or hefty fines
  • Ensuring safety to your employee

Hose testing:

  • Testing and inspection of fluid and dangerous goods transfer and loading hoses for all services.
  • Cryogenic, Propane, Fuel, NH3, etc. 

5-year inspections on all TC406, TC407, TC412, TC331, TC338, TC341, TC51 transport vessels:

  • Third Party Magnetic particle inspection insure inspection integrity.
  • Repair of any defects or cracks in vessel
  • Replacement of worn or defective tank baffles
  • Hydrotest
  • Relief valve replacement for transport vessels or storage vessels
  • External visual inspection
  • Inspection decals and hose testing

10 year mandatory inspection on all storage and Nitrogen and LNG vessels. As well as storage vessel internal inspections:

  • Internal MPI inspection to find any cracks or shell material defects.
  • Weld repair any cracks found
  • Pressure test vessel
  • Replace relief valves