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MPN: 1-063-0173-878

Raven 1" FPT Fast/Close NH3 Control Valve, 4-Pin Conxall, 13s Cycle Time

Raven 1" FPT Fast/Close NH3 Control Valve, 4-Pin Conxall, 13s Cycle Time

SKU:RV0630173-878 NH3

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Introducing the Raven 1" FPT Fast/Close Control Valve, the ultimate solution for precise anhydrous ammonia (NH3) application. This top-of-the-line valve is designed to provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability in even the most demanding agricultural environments.

Crafted with durability in mind, this control valve features a rugged 1" FPT connection, ensuring a secure and leak-free installation. The robust construction and high-quality materials make this valve built to last, providing you with years of trouble-free operation.

The 4-Pin Conxall Connector offers a convenient and secure electrical connection, allowing for seamless integration with your existing equipment. With an impressive 13-second cycle time, this valve delivers lightning-fast response and efficient performance, enabling you to cover more ground in less time.

Whether you're a professional farmer or a passionate agricultural enthusiast, the Raven 1" FPT Fast/Close Control Valve is the perfect choice for optimizing your NH3 application. Its precision control and unwavering reliability will help you achieve consistent, high-quality results while minimizing waste and maximizing your productivity.Key Features:

  • 1" FPT connection for secure, leak-free installation
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • 4-Pin Conxall Connector for easy electrical integration
  • Rapid 13-second cycle time for efficient operation
  • Designed specifically for precise NH3 application

Upgrade your agricultural equipment with the Raven 1" FPT Fast/Close Control Valve and experience the difference that precision and reliability can make. Order yours today and take your NH3 application to the next level!

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