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MPN: 1-063-0172-542

Raven SCS 660M Spray Control Console w/Master Switch

Raven SCS 660M Spray Control Console w/Master Switch


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The Raven SCS 660M Console is a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining total flow control in agricultural spraying applications. Designed to provide uniform spray and granular applications regardless of vehicle speed, this console ensures precise application rates. Manure compatible.

Key Features:

  • Simple operation
  • Low-limit function
  • Digital boom pressure read-out
  • Supports a variety of Flow Meters and Control Valves
  • Audible alarms
  • Self-test function
  • Rate bump features

Featuring a real-time monitoring system and a customizable user interface, this console ensures efficient and precise application of pesticides and other crop protection products, including manure.

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