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MPN: 117-2000-004

Raven 700S Smart Antenna Kit (117-2000-004)

Raven 700S Smart Antenna Kit (117-2000-004)


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Raven 700S Smart Antenna Kit - Enhance Your Precision Agriculture Performance

The Raven 700S Smart Antenna Kit offers a scalable GNSS solution for precision agriculture, featuring a high-performance dual-frequency receiver with sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy. This kit enhances your entire precision suite by enabling simple upgrades to GS and RTK corrections.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High-performance dual-frequency receiver: Ensures accurate and reliable positioning for improved farm operations
  • Sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy: Enhances precision for various agricultural applications, reducing overlap and improving efficiency
  • Full scalability: Allows easy upgrades for enhanced accuracy and performance as your needs grow
  • Simple and fast setup: Saves time and minimizes downtime during installation, getting you back to work quickly
  • Seamless integration: Compatible with Viper® 4+, CR7™, and CR12™ systems for versatile use across your equipment

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Receiver Type Dual-frequency GNSS
Accuracy Sub-meter pass-to-pass
Mounting Option Magnetic mount
Compatible Systems Viper® 4+, CR7™, CR12™
Scalability Options GS, RTK, RTK-L, RTK PRO
Cable Ports Serial RTK input, Two serial GPS output
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