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MPN: 1-063-0171-272

Raven DCS 400 Liquid De-Icer Console

Raven DCS 400 Liquid De-Icer Console


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Provides 3-Section Liquid Spray Bar Control or Granual Spreader Control

The DCS 400 is designed to accurately control the application rate of liquid de-icing agents to all types of pavements, runways, bridge decks, etc. The system can also be used for controlling the application rate of liquid dust control or for granular spreader control.

Up to six different application rates can be programmed into the DCS 400. The application rate dial can then be set to any one of the six pre-programmed rates for rapid rate control changes. A manual switch on the console allows the operator to override the pre-programmed application rate by increasing or decreasing the rate at any time.

The DCS 400 features a "Blast" button which, when pressed, sends a higher rate blast for as long as the operator holds the button. Also, a timed blast can be added to the blast cycle once the blast button is released. This gives the operator both manual and timed blast capability.

Rates can be displayed in either gallons per lane mile or gallons per thousand square feet.

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