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Squibb Taylor


Squibb Taylor 1" FNPT Angle Valve 90 Degree AL311P

Squibb Taylor 1" FNPT Angle Valve 90 Degree AL311P


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The Squibb Taylor 1" FNPT Angle Valve (AL311P / 110300) is an essential component for bulk plant piping systems, bobtails, transport trucks, and for filling and vapor return service. This valve is ideal for use in the LP-Gas, Anhydrous Ammonia, and chemical and petrochemical industries. It features a robust design with a working pressure of up to 400 PSI WOG and an operating temperature range from -40°F to +160°F (-40°C to +71°C).

Key Features:

  • UL Listed: Suitable for LP-Gas and Anhydrous Ammonia.
  • Effective Seal: Spring-loaded chevron TFE "Vee" packing ensures the most effective seal against stem leakage.
  • Side Outlet: 1/4" FNPT plugged side outlet allows for the installation of a bleed valve or hydrostatic relief valve.
  • Durable Construction: Body and handwheel made of ductile iron; bonnet made of steel and ductile iron.
  • Long Service Life: Self-aligning seat disc retainer with stainless steel ball bearings prevents disc wear.
  • Versatile Seat Discs: Available in Teflon or nylon for all sizes of globe and angle valves.


  • Inlet & Outlet: 1" FNPT
  • Working Pressure: Up to 400 PSI WOG
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to +160°F (-40°C to +71°C)

Note: For long-term safe operation, it is recommended that all globe and angle valves be inspected at least once every five years and repaired or replaced as necessary.

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