Collection: Gauges and Instrumentation

Tru-Kare offers a comprehensive range of gauges and instrumentation designed to provide accurate and reliable monitoring of critical parameters in agricultural and industrial applications.

Their product lineup includes pressure gauges, temperature gauges, sight glasses, level indicators, and gauge accessories. These devices are engineered to deliver precise readings and visual indications of system performance, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards.

Tru-Kare's gauges and instrumentation are available in various sizes, ranges, and configurations to suit specific application requirements, such as pressure ratings, temperature ranges, and mounting options. They offer gauges with different display types, such as analog and digital, as well as various connection styles, including threaded, flanged, and welded.

Tru-Kare also provides a range of gauge accessories, such as isolators, snubbers, and protective caps, to ensure optimal performance and protection of your instrumentation. Whether you need gauges and instrumentation for hydraulic systems, liquid handling, process monitoring, or equipment maintenance, Tru-Kare has the right solution for your needs.